"Pleuss's influences include the phrasing, jazz rhythms, and songwriting style of Joni Mitchell as well as genre-bending women songwriters from the 90's. Her 2016 release From Birth to Breath to Bone was a self-produced labor of love cut to vinyl and CD. Several musicians lent a hand, recording layers of sound to support Pleuss' sweet vocals. She wrote the signature track "Waves Like Drums" after she returned from a two-week tour of Ireland, while she was still reminiscing about the natural landscapes and folklore.The song captures her fingerpicking style as well as her tuned-down guitar within an experimental composition." - Jay Minkin, No Depression Magazine, Spring 2017 issue

"With two EP's and three full albums out, Pleuss is building her reputation as a musician of the ages. Her recent release, "From Birth, to Breath, to Bone," features light melodies and whimsical vocals." - MacKenzie Mehrl, The Devil Strip Magazine, published April 7th, 2016

"As with some of her proudly state musical heroes, which include Nick Drake, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, and Ani Difranco, Pleuss keeps the music above the standard, three-chord, coffee-house troubadour sound with some cool chord progressions (a la Mitchell) and grooves underneath layered vocal harmonies. Pleuss also trusts her lilting melodies enough to use her quiet, emotive alto to sell her lyrics (i.e. there's not a log of manic melisma trying to tear your eardrums off)." - Malcolm X Abram, Akron Beacon Journal, published on March 2nd, 2016

"Do not be surprised if you hear Gretchen's name over and over and over again this year. Her music draws upon Joni Mitchell, Shawn Colvin, and Paul Simon for inspiration and it is about to be showcased on a new album, so the talk is only going to get louder. Make it out to one of these early shows so you can tell people you knew her way back when." -The Devil Strip Magazine, published on January 8, 2016

"Gretchen Pleuss opened up the evening, a young American singer/songwriter from Ohio, with a line in slightly jazzy tunes with a nod in the direction of Joni Mitchell. The opening song was from her forthcoming album. It was followed with 'Heaven is Free,' about Wall Street which had a folky feel and detailed the evils of capitalism. She had only been in London for a couple of hours having arrived from Manchester and mastered the tube to arrive in time for sound check. Next came a song about her trip to Ireland the previous year, 'Waves Like Drums', with a hypnotic howling that was so subtle at the very end, we were not sure it had finished! 'Restless Hearts' followed with a jazzy feel to it, this again had a trick ending where Gretchen stepped back and said thank you to indicate it had finished. Closing with 'Ceremony/Speak' which changed tunes halfway through, 25 minutes flew by."
- Fran & Chris, review for W21Music of Gretchen's opening set at The Bedford in Balham, published June 4, 2015

"Folk singer/songwriter Gretchen Pleuss, who started writing songs based on the instruction long-time guitarist Willy Porter gave her at age 12, has a broad perscpective about the whole thing. At 24, and with two full-length albums to her name, Gretchen's insight and drive far surpass her age."
-Maria Varonis, The Devil Strip magazine, published on March 31st, 2015.

"At age 23, Gretchen Pleuss already has experienced more of life than many people do in -- well -- a lifetime. Singer, songwriter, international traveler and performer, scholar and avid community volunteer are terms that describe this multi-faceted woman who said she has her sights set on making the world a better place."
-Paul Locher of The Daily Record, published on June 23rd, 2014.



"LOCAL SINGER GRETCHEN PLEUSS WINS PUBLIC RADIO EXCHANGE SONGWRITING COMPETITION: Local folk singer Gretchen Pleuss gains national recognition with original song."
-The Wooster Daily Record, published by Lydia Gehring on November 4, 2012

“Gretchen Pleuss from Ohio had a confident, natural vibe to her acoustic set and shared some fine songs. This young lady plays and sings with a lot of skill and makes it look easy."
-Sam Campbell of Gigspots’s review of Launch Music Conference performance in Lancaster, PA. Published May 13, 2013.

"A composition of Bill Payne's solo musical ideas, photography and writing will be shown in a multimedia event at 8 p.m. Friday at the Kent Stage, 175 E. Main St. But that's not all.
Gretchen Pleuss, a longtime friend of Payne's, will join him on stage.

"She's 20 years old, an Ohio artist. She's a great singer songwriter," Payne said. "I've known her and heard about her for a while now. I want her to sing a song or two with me and I will back her up on one of her tunes as well."

-The Record-Courier, published by Kelly Maile on June 13, 2013.